Thursday, 21 November 2013

Visual Design Week 3 - I really REALLY don't like whoever designed the SU (nothing personal)

So basically this was the project I think I found the hardest out of all of them. The two-point just completely threw me after I had felt like I had got relatively comfortable figuring out one-point. It took me forever to even feel like I knew what I was doing a little bit and even then I kept getting all the angles wrong as you can probably see. I also feel like it was probably a mistake choosing to do the SU building even after I was told I didn't specifically have to. If I wasn't confident I probably would have done better choosing a slightly easier building, but at least I challenged myself, and I was pleased to find my final was in fact my best attempt at it.

I quite like the building of the bottom of the image above, and how it looks relatively effective, especially in comparison to the previous drawings. It might have been too uninteresting to choose as my final drawing, but part of me feels like I would have done a better job choosing it.

The top sketch here really annoys me now that I've looked back on my work, because I can blatantly see that parts of it are literally the complete opposite of the other. I learnt not to do this in later drawings, but I'm not even quite sure how I managed to do it so wrong to begin with. 

So here it is, the final drawing, which is sadly rather messy in reality but thankfully the photo doesn't quite show to what extent it truly is. I made the mistake of drawing out the whole building and then remembering I had to do the sort of 'blind' things in front of it after, and so frantically began rubbing out the strips to then draw it, but as you can see the building behind is still visible within the rubbed out areas. All in all though, considering how much I was struggling at the beginning, I feel like I made a lot of progress, and perhaps later I'll get a better grasp of the perspective.

I thought I'd also add these little studies, because I actually quite like them, and they're completely different to anything that I've done before. They were part of my life drawing class in week 3, and we basically had to draw out the figure with only a piece of dark card and a pair of scissors. I thought it would be really difficult, but once I started focusing on depicting the figure and not really concentrating on what I was cutting it became quite natural. I also found that cutting little slits into the figures helped to show that they were in fact people and not just little shapes cut up. I really enjoyed doing this though and I hope I get to do more exercises like this in the future. 

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