Friday, 22 November 2013

Visual Design Week 4 - Incapable of drawing deer

 Week 4 was a bit of a strange one. Having got used to the usual Monday morning routine of life drawing, it seemed weird now to suddenly be whisked off to Bradgate and end up spending my morning with stags instead. However, as you've probably seen from my previous post regarding this week, I had a lovely time and I feel like that translated into how much I enjoyed drawing the place.

I have rather little experience drawing landscape, and so I don't know much about creating atmosphere or anything like that. I did enjoy giving it all a go though, but as you can see I quite often reverted back to drawing zoomed in areas of the scene rather than a whole scene itself.

I quite liked the tree stump drawing on the right for a while, but then I drew the deer to the left of it and it seems to have spoilt how much I liked this page before. I'm not entirely sure why, but whatever I did to it it made it look like it had a moustache. I knew I wasn't very good at drawing human faces but I didn't realise that attempting this stag would produce such a painfully bad drawing. Maybe I'll go back and attempt to draw him slightly better one day.

Above is my final for this little adventure, and I have to say that I'm not entirely keen on it even though I don't dislike it. I just feel it may lack depth but I also tried not to go too mad with tone because I wanted to bear in mind the subtleties of the landscape. Mostly, I feel like I should have darkened the tones nearer the foreground to make there seem like there is a distance between the trees behind and the grass in front.

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