Thursday, 21 November 2013

Visual Design Week 1 - The final...finally

I know it took me a long time to get this posted, but I finally corrected myself and managed to produce a final piece of the canal which wasn't in colour. I can definitely see why colour theory is going to be something left for the future, because comparing this new piece to the one I did before clearly shows I have no idea what to do with colour.

And annoyingly, for a reason I cannot fathom Blogger won't let me post this image not on its side, I've even re-saved it as another image flipped the right way and it still hates me. At some point I may work out how to change this but for now here it may need to tilt your head. Overall, I'm relatively pleased with this as I know what a train crash the piece before was so this seems a whole lot better with that in mind. The perspective isn't perfect but I began to understand one-point to a certain extent. I'm also not very keen on the buildings to the side but because they aren't the focus of the piece they don't spoil it too much. So yeah, there it is, finally.

Update - As you can see I have managed to flip the image on the right side now, I'm quite clearly becoming a computer genius already (note the sarcasm).

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