Sunday, 27 October 2013

Visual Design Week 4 - Onwards to the land of deer

Week 4 was particularly exciting because it was my first ever trip to Bradgate park. I was so excited to find that just outside of Leicester this sort of natural environment exists, including LOADS of deer. Nature reserves, or any sort of environment consisting of animals living in their natural environment is my sort of thing, if it can be your 'thing', so I found the whole trip rather enjoyable. It sounds silly, but in coming to Leicester one of my biggest worries was that there wouldn't be enough trees for my liking. However, through Bradgate, I can be satisfied in knowing there's practically an infinite amount of trees for me to smile about.

My first trip of Week 4 to Bradgate Park was with all the other students as our trip organised by the department. I was so surprised to turn up and within minutes have a stag just chilling in front of me on the path, and also to see just how huge this place really was. Having not brought a good camera with me on this day, I have very limited photos, and due to the merciless rain I couldn't get my sketchpad out to draw either. So the initial trip was more a way to familiarise myself with the landscape, get a feel for the place, and stare at all the cute deer and cry because I want one.

However, you'll be glad to know that, thanks to a life-saver named Jonah, I got to go back to Bradgate a few days later, this time bringing a better camera and with the rain holding up for the first time in weeks. You won't be surprised to know that I have yet to scan in my sketches for this trip, but I have managed to collect all my images and so you'll just have to enjoy those for now instead.

You've probably noticed that some images are darker than others, and sadly that's because I'm rather incompetent with a camera and only changed it to the right setting about half an hour before the end. Which has meant about 10 photos out of around 150 are actually as bright as was representative of the weather at the time. No matter though, I enjoyed my second trip immensely and I'm so pleased I managed to even get some relatively decent photos this time. Oh, and that sleeping stag was the highlight, SO ADORABLE.

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