Sunday, 27 October 2013

Visual Design Week 3 - Whoever designed the SU building will never be my friend

Week 3 came about so quickly and now I'm actually quite scared at how fast this is all going. I mean, I do feel as if I'm learning loads but soon work will be marked and all that jazz and I only feel like I've been here like a day. Sadly, for this week's post I don't have my second visual design part ready because I'm a bit of a silly muppet and forgot to scan my work for that part, but I've got my life drawing all done and dusted so I thought I'd post that anyway. For week 3's lesson it appeared that we were left without a model and so a handful of the other students from my class had to pose instead, and it's important to note that they DID have clothes on, don't worry. I for one was not one of the ones picked to model (thank goodness) and so the lesson was rather enjoyable, especially with the inclusion of clothes for the first time.

These are just the bog standard quick studies, I particularly like the one in the middle because of the arch of the back, but apart from that there's not much interesting left to say I'm sorry to say.

These are quick timed studies using carbon paper for the first time in a life drawing session. I have used carbon paper before, and actually quite liked the outcomes I got from using it previously, however I don't feel like what I produced here was very successful. I think I almost tried to go too fast and ended up creating forms that didn't really look like much apart from lines, and so next time we use it I hope to slow down just a little to get more of a basic form visible.

These studies were ones in which we were allowed more time, and more specifically the drawing in the top left corner was the first for us to attempt to draw two figures in one composition. I quite like this page of studies and feel that they are some of my better sketches to date. I particularly enjoyed including the clothing because of all the interesting creases and whatnot.

This last study I believe to be one of my best of all the sessions so far, mainly because I think the creases in the clothing give the figure form and just seem a little more interesting. The proportions are some of the better of what I've produced, even though looking at it now I think the leg closest to us is slightly too thin. Probably because I chose not include the face in this one it also meant I couldn't ruin it by getting that all completely wrong like I usually do. I hope to continue to improve and start producing work that I'm equally as happy with, if not moreso.

I shall post my work comprising of drawings of the annoyingly complex SU building as soon as possible, however I'm a little worried that the introduction to 2-point perspective and a harder subject will have seemed to have halted my progress. We shall have to see I guess.

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