Friday, 28 November 2014

'Sew' close to victory

The sentry gun project has come to a close, and if this project has taught me anything, it's that I really rather dislike working alone now. After having so much fun in the group projects prior, and then struggling so much with this one, it's pretty evident that group work motivates me way more. I wanted to take away so much from doing the sentry gun. I wanted to leave myself enough time to put it into myself and understand the mechanics of that process, so future projects would be much easier. But as always, I ran out of time, and admittedly had to get help importing it into engine, basically ruining my chances of learning how to finally get to grips with it.

I have to say, the overall look was much better than I had anticipated, since my texturing is still not really up to scratch. I wish I had left a longer amount of time to finish the texture so that I could have increased the standard, but I'm relatively pleased with how it turned out with the amount of time I had.

Another thing I wish I had allotted more time for was the poster. As a former GCSE graphics student, I should have been capable of producing a much more successful poster than I did, but unfortunately time did not permit me to do so. The poster is very basic, doesn't sell the gun well, and the actual editing of the screenshot is sloppy. It sort of fits the type of style I was going for, with it being a 1950s themed poster, but everything apart from that is just plain lazy, and I only have my timekeeping to blame.

I took a few renders in Max, which obviously don't have the glass texture on them, as that was a material I created in Unreal. But then my final render is from Unreal, which includes the glass material applied to the bottle, finishing the look.

One of the main things that bugs me about the model is that the colour of the ribbon coming off the spool of cotton isn't the same as the colour of the cotton, which looks strange. As well as this, I wish I had put more tris into the roundness of the button, as in the renders it's quite obviously very low-poly and for something that should be so round it's really noticeable. There's also horrible seam issues with the button too, which isn't ideal considering it's right at the front of the model.

I really should have ticked double-sided before I took my render as well, because the final render has a few bits missing due to this. I was just so rushed and I'm so annoyed at myself for letting myself be so rushed.

Overall, I expected this project to be a disaster due to my timing issues, luckily it wasn't quite, but it wasn't the best outcome either. If I had hurried the modelling process more, I would have actually had time to polish and fix the many issues that became apparent once I put it into engine. Hopefully in the next project, let us pray it's a group one, I can push myself a little more and sort out my huge timing issues.

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