Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Vases 'n' stuff

I'm a little bit late with this blog post, but it's just because I've been working on the project and trying to get something pretty to post basically. Having decided I didn't like any of the orthos I had was a bit of a downer, so I decided to re-do them and I feel a little happier with them now. My problem last year was I did something, knew it looked bad, but just left it and didn't try and make it better. So this year I'm making sure I keep going until it looks much better, or else my work standard will end up dropping dramatically.

Here are some of my orthographic drawings, I won't post all of them because as I'm doing all the little bits and bobs and some aren't particularly interesting, but here are my favourites...

I've noticed when painting some of the vases that my rendering has got a little better as I've started getting used to my tablet. I have such a long way to go but I can feel myself improving and it comes with some relief as I always panic that my digital painting will be what lets me down in the end. I just need to keep practicing and perhaps start some personal work to further my experience.

Here are my models for the film project, which I'm really pleased to have done the 'decorations' for because it meant I could make lot of little cute things yay.

I used the white box Becky made to get the scale right so it was just a case of molding the shapes, which meant it was pretty easy to be honest. The challenge was in the texturing, as half my objects were pretty unclear in the screenshot and so it made trying to copy a texture pretty difficult.

Oh oh oh and look how super organised I am, I made a spreadsheet. My year 9 IT lessons weren't for nothing, and this way we all managed to keep up to date with deadlines and it just helped with knowing who had finished what and when and what we had to do next. I feel like making spreadsheets for projects is my new calling in life.

This is just a quick render of the photos for the wall. I managed to find the original photos they used in the film so the image quality of the texture is really high. I had a massive faff trying to get the pictures the right way round and not inverted etc. which is really sad since they should have been the easiest thing to texture, oops. Here's the link if you fancy taking a look at any of the other images used in the film (some are quite creepy, ew) -

In the next couple of days, once this project is officially over, I'll gather up some renders of the scene we made and do a bit of a comparison to the original screenshot. At the moment we're still rushing to get the lighting spot on because at the moment everything is giving off a pink glow for some unknown reason which isn't so fab. I have faith in my group and I know we'll manage it whatever happens.

In other news, I've decided to go back to the Fantastic Mr Fox painting I started over Summer, and I hope to work into it a little bit more over the weekend.

I'm excited about this project being finished, and my fox, and the sentry gun project and just life right now, everything is going goooooood. Bring on the next week.

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