Sunday, 27 April 2014

A fabby fun day at the library

Recently, a day filled with informative sessions to do with our blogs and writing was held for us in the library, and after taking part that day I have been asked to write a post about the experience.

I am slightly angered to hear that a very poor percentage of people turned up to the event, when it was organised for us especially and there was the opportunity to really get some great help with our blogs. I'm pretty sure that no one on this course is absolutely perfect when it comes to blog posts, so everyone could have taken something away from the day, and to think lots of people didn't bother is very sad. I like to take all aspects of this course seriously, and by not turning up that day I feel like people weren't doing the same and it's frustrating for the people that try hard, and also for all the tutors. So if anyone reads this that didn't attend then shame on you, you buffoon!

Anyway, with my little rant over, it's probably best I start off by saying that overall the way the day was set up was very helpful. Each slot of the day had 3 choices of possible sessions to go to, and basically we all picked the session we thought would be the most helpful. I must say I wasn't expecting this and assumed that we'd all have the same sessions based on the overall weaknesses of the group. This was not the case however, and it meant that I felt I was given the freedom to choose what I wanted to spend my day doing and what suited my needs best, and I found this really handy. Not only did this mean that I got a session catered to what I needed help with, but also found myself in groups with people who all struggled with similar aspects as me, often people I hadn't worked with before, so it was good for its social advantages as well.

As well as this, I enjoyed the content of each session as well. I'm struggling to remember the titles of the sessions I attended, however I remember that one gave me the opportunity to speak to second and third years, another had me writing on plates and referencing correctly, another had me drawing comic strips which was quite a good laugh and my final session was simply putting into practice what I had learnt. I enjoyed every session individually and the day's events as a whole. I also liked the fact each session was with a different tutor and so the day didn't feel samey throughout and I got to talk to lots of people who wanted to help me with my blog writing. Altogether the day was enjoyable, and I feel like the people that didn't turn up actually really missed out on quite a few laughs and a lot of information.

Finally, I think the best part about the day was the fact that everyone I know that attended came away feeling like they'd taken something from it, which I gather was the whole idea of the day and shows it was a success. I know that the most important bit for me was learning how to reference correctly, as I never had really been shown how and after being given a chunky booklet explaining it all to me and a chat with some people I now have a clear idea. It has made me more confident when writing because I now know that once I've finished waffling on for a good few paragraphs I can reference all the sources I used properly and not have to worry. And everyone who attended the day will have a similar little tale of their new found knowledge I assume, even if it has nothing to do with referencing, which shows how informative it really was.

Overall, I'd like to thank those who organised the day as it was something a little different for the students to do and really has helped out a lot of people. There were lots of different sessions and all seemed planned very well and with us in mind and there's nothing nicer than to come in and feel like effort has been put in for you. I'm just sorry the effort wasn't mirrored by the students who failed to show their faces, but the day was fab regardless, and I hope we do more of these sorts of things in the future.

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