Friday, 22 November 2013

Visual Design Week 8 - Nostalgia

During my A levels, for basically my entire 2nd year I chose to do Cubism, which involved a lot of still life drawing, so you can imagine how happy I was to know that that was this week's drawing task. I mean I'm not very good at it, please don't think that and expect ridiculously good drawings because that isn't happening, but it just feels a little bit safer than perspectives and landscapes and all that other stuff. However, similarly to my issue with week 7, I don't have the images yet and so you're going to have to settle with more of my life drawing again and I'll get to posting the other stuff as soon as possible.

The starter drawings this week were much the same as the week before, with the inclusion of some tone to create a bit of form. The study above, on the right, is probably my favourite of this type that I have produced so far. I don't think the proportions are anywhere near correct, but I feel like including the negative space around the figure has helped lift it somewhat and it looks a little interesting than the others I have produced. I didn't do anything differently, I just think the pose and perhaps the way the light fell on the figure helped.

The two charcoal studies above were supposed to be my great leap into trying to improve the one I did last week, however I think I fell short a bit and actually I still prefer the one I did originally. The one directly above is perhaps a little smoother, but the tone is less effective, and I got the proportions all wrong and made the torso far too long. I think I found the pose difficult but assumed it wouldn't be because I was side on to the model and didn't have to deal with foreshortening or anything too hard. The one above that is just quite messy in general, and the complete opposite of trying to be smooth. Also, there is a particularly dark tone around the neck, which doesn't seem right considering there are probably much more shadowed areas of the body that I could have shaded darker. All in all, even though they are better than I expected myself to do, I don't see me improving from my initial drawing much.

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