Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Game Production - EXTERMINATE at last

As I'm in the labs at this very moment, I feel I should take the opportunity to attain my correct Dalek and wheelie bin files and post them here seeing as I have yet to do it. I'm probably going to puke at the poor quality of them even though I only did them a few weeks ago but it's nice to sort of feel like I'd maybe do a better job if I tried them now.

And so first up, here is my Dalek, who looks more alien than the alien it's supposed to be. Overall, I quite enjoyed this as our first little project, because it was difficult and sort of flung us all into the depths of it, but that way we all seemed to learn so quickly. And as a fan of Doctor Who, it wasn't half bad being given the task of modelling something so familiar. I'll have to apologise because I'm not all that good with this rendering stuff, and so the presentation might not be all that great.

Standing at around 1,290 tris, I actually found it relatively easy to keep within the tri limit. However, that may be because I left out a fair few 'balls' (how else do you even describe them?!) on the body. This was also mainly because I didn't allow for the body to have the right amount of sides to fit the 'balls' on properly in the desired uniform way, but ho hum. 

This render allows you to see the indentation of the body a little better, which took me absolute yonks to do but was my favourite bit. I definitely think it would have looked a little plain without it, so I'm glad I decided to include it.

All in all, the model isn't disgustingly horrific for someone who hasn't used a computer much, let alone 3D software before I guess. My one main annoyance with it was the base of the Dalek. Being the first thing I attempted with my new found knowledge, I wasn't entirely sure how to do it so made it the most wonky thing in the world. I only really realised it was as bad as it is when it was too late to fix, but I know now that when faced with something like this again I could do a much better job of it. We've gotta make these mistakes to learn right?

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